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Including but not limiting to:

Jet Vac Services

The Viking Jet Vac fleet are available to repidly clear large quantities of liquids from requested drains wether foul or surface water. Enabling the drains to flow freely again. 


We also offer Jet Vac vacuum cleans to empty Septic waste tanks with large lengths of hose for even the most rural of areas.

Blocked Drains 

The Viking Environmental team have a great level of knowledge from experience over the years that enable us to identify and clean the blocked drain quickly and effectively and with minimal disruption to the customer. 

At Viking Environmental, we have a range of high pressure water jetting equipment that can be used in a variety of applications for the most effective drain and sewer blockage clearance.

Civils & Groundworks 

Viking Environmental have a large skilled team of professional Civil Engineers and Ground workers. We cover all civil engineering works including new drain instillation, pipe laying and connections, installations of pavement and driveways and much more.

 All of our team have the necessary training and tickets to complete the highest standard of work. In order to comply with building standards and planning regulations. 


Patch Repair 

A patch repair can be the most cost effective way for the customer to resolve an issue that is affecting an isolated area within their pipes. A patch repair on the drain connection or joint restores the structural integrity of drainage pipes without the need for disruptive excavation work.



Pipe Installation 

Connecting drains to gully's, installing new water mains or connecting  simple kitchen sink. Viking Environmental cover all aspects of pipe installation.  


Flood Response

Viking Environmental are available 24-7 for any flooding issues whether that be outdoor drains flooding, your bath flooding the bathroom or large rivers bursting into your home. We aim to attend all flooding within the hour with the most up to date machinery to pump out the excess water and restore the damaged areas. 

Property Clearances 

If properties have been left unattended or have been victims of crime  large amounts of mess or even hazardous waste can be left behind. Viking Environmental can come in and safely clear out those spaces and restore them back to a habitable area.


CCTV Surveying 

A CCTV Survey of pipework identifies any existing or potential issues that are causing problems with the efficiency of a drainage system. This can show us issues such as collapsed drains, concrete or grout build up, fractured or displaced pipes and root intrusion. We provide you with a full video and detailed report of all our findings within the drain. Alongside advice and a quote of how we would best resolving any issues we have found. 


Septic Tank Maintenance 

If a property is not directly attached to drain septic tanks are used to receive the raw waste, separate the solids from liquid and soak away the liquid waste. 

Viking Environmental offer all service's in accordance with septic tanks including instillation, emptying and cleans. 


Drain Cleaning 

Routine drain cleans prevent your domestic or industrial drains building up with debris and fat collections, ensuring that your drains are clear. Therefore, reducing the risk of possible blockages and the potential cost and inconvenience of a damaged pipe in the future.


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-Operating 24-7 365 days a year

-Chas accredited for your peace of mind 

- Awarded BUILD  2021 most trusted drainage engineer

-Awarded Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022 Drainage Specialist of the Year - UK.


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